WorldTime 2003 1.0

Key Features of WorldTime2003

  • Skinnable application. WorldTime2003 can be very flexible variation on how the application looks, and the skin dictates what details you want and don't want to see
  • Skins can be user created, including any freeform shape, color, fonts including levels of translucency.
  • Each skin contain the rules about what information is displayed and formatted using a template. No messing around changing settings because you loaded a new skin
  • Over 1200 built-in locations including DST details, latitude/longitude, dial-up area code
  • Time is adjusted according to the Daylight Savings for that location
  • ┬áLocations database can be viewed, modified and deleted. Locations are backed up in case of error
  • Unlimited number of alarms can be set for displayed locations, as well as multiple alarms per location
  • Set alarms to recur indefinitely, from daily up to monthly
  • Snooze feature on alarms
  • Upload the latest skins over the internet automatically
  • Details can be added to locations being displayed such as name, email, phone number
  • Add your own locations to the database
  • Various time formatting options
  • Resides in the system tray
  • Template rules in skin can be overridden
  • Windows Install and un-install feature
  • Low CPU usage
  • View your local time