Windows 10 Manager

1. Disk Analyzer: helps you to find out which files or folders take up your disk space.
2. Smart Uninstaller: helps you cleanly uninstall programs from your computer.

3. Junk File Cleaner: This feature can help you to easily find and delete junk files, and you can set the file types to scan.

4. Dup. Files Finder: helps you to find duplicate files on your drives.

5. Registry Cleaner: Registry Cleaner can easily search invalid values and paths, uninstall messages and invalid file references in the windows registry.

6. Registry Defrag: Over time a bloated registry with a lot of empty space can slow down the boot time as well as performance as a whole. This program will rebuild and re-index your registry to eliminate structural mistakes and corruption. After defragmentation your registry will acquire a more linear structure which will reduce application response time and registry access time (restart needed after compaction).
7. Desktop Cleaner: you can easily move unused shortcuts, files and folders to the specified folder.

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