Windows 10 Manager


1. System Security: Includes System, System Components, UAC, Sign in, Updates and Error Report . These features help you to improve system security.

2. Other Security: Sets the System Restore function and Control Panel applets and makes backups of the Windows 8 activation information.

3. Drives and Programs: Hide and restrict access to drivers, tweak removable storage devices, specify whether applications are allowed to be executed on your computer, immunize disks to prevent viruses from damaging your system.

4. File and Folders: Encrypt/Decrypt and shred files, camouflage folders to hide contents from Windows Explorer, change the location of system folders.

5. File Undelete: Have you accidentally deleted important files? This tool allows you to easily recover files that have been lost due to accidental deletion or even due to formatting the disk. This tool supports FAT, FAT32, and NTFS files systems.

6. Privacy Protector: You can use this tool to maintain your personal privacy. Most things you do with your computer are tracked and stored somewhere. This information can be exposed to prying eyes over the internet or through other methods without your knowledge. This could be the websites you visit, the files you view and download from the internet, the applications and files you access on your hard drive, the programs you run, and many other equally private actions. The problem is that this can not only be tracked but it can also be distributed into the hands of other individuals. With this tool you can ensure your privacy and keep your sensitive information secure by regularly eliminating these tracks.

7. Lock System:  Lock System will improve system security by setting some Registry keys and folders to read only.

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