Windows 10 Manager


1. Customize System: Includes System, Explorer, Desktop, Start Menu, TaskBar and Notification. These settings will tailor your system according to your preferences.

2. Pinned Manager: Manages pinned items on Taskbar and Start Screen, and you can pin any type files or folders to Taskbar or Start Screen.
3. JumpList Launcher: Creates the jumplist on taskbar easily.
4. Boot Configuration: Manages and configures system boot menu according to your preferences.

5. Context Menu: This feature helps you to set mouse right-click context menus.

6. Win + X Menu Editor: Windows 8 has removed the Start button from Taskbar and has replaced it with a new thumbnail which appears when you move your mouse cursor to bottom-left corner. When you right-click on extreme bottom-left corner of screen, you get a hidden menu (Win+X Menu) showing shortcuts to lots of useful system tools. You can also access it using Win+X keyboard shortcut. You can edit this Win+X menu here. Note: you can also drag-drop the items.

7. Visual Customizer: Customizes system appearance, system icons, Library icons, File Type Icons; set Bing dynamic themes; change Lock Screen image automatically.

8. Run-Shortcut Creator: Creates the shortcut command in Run dialog box.

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