TIMER: Overview




The TIMER APP provides accurate hardware timer using one timer slice of CCU4 or CCU8 peripheral. And provides provide the functionality below:

  1. Continuous event generation for a given time interval.
  2. Generates more accurate delay using Hardware timer.
  3. Sets the desired time interval at runtime(in terms of micro-seconds).
  4. Connection of timer interval event to other peripherals as a trigger source or for interrupt generation(using the DAVE HW Signal Connections)

Figure 1 : Overview of TIMER APP

The figure above shows the functional overview and use cases of the TIMER APP.

Figure 2 : Hardware and Software connectivity of TIMER APP

The figure above shows the layered architecture of the TIMER APP in DAVEā„¢. XMC controllers provide the CCU4 or CCU8 module. Each module is having four 16-bit timers. The LLD layer provides abstraction for these hardware modules. The TIMER APP uses CCU4 or CCU8 and GPIO LLDs and other dependent APPs like GLOBAL_CCUx(x = [4,8]) and CLOCK_XMCx(x = [1,4]) for the functionality.

Supported Devices
The APP supports below devices:

  1. XMC4800/XMC4700 Series
  2. XMC4500 Series
  3. XMC4300 Series
  4. XMC4400 Series
  5. XMC4200 / XMC4100 Series
  6. XMC1400 Series
  7. XMC1300 Series
  8. XMC1200 Series
  9. XMC1100 Series


  1. XMC4800 / XMC4700 Reference Manual
  2. XMC4500 Reference Manual
  3. XMC4400 Reference Manual
  4. XMC4300 Reference Manual
  5. XMC4200 / XMC4100 Reference Manual
  6. XMC1400 Reference Manual
  7. XMC1300 Reference Manual
  8. XMC1200 Reference Manual
  9. XMC1100 Reference Manual