SyRen/Sabertooth Packet Serial Library for Arduino: 3.Advanced/SharedLine/SharedLine.ino

SyRen/Sabertooth Packet Serial Library for Arduino

SyRen/Sabertooth Packet Serial Library for Arduino
Control your SyRen or Sabertooth with reliable Packet Serial.

Communicates with two Sabertooth motor drivers using a shared TX/S1 wire.

// Shared Line Sample for Packet Serial
// Copyright (c) 2012 Dimension Engineering LLC
// See license.txt for license details.
#include <Sabertooth.h>
// Up to 8 Sabertooth/SyRen motor drivers can share the same S1 line.
// This sample uses three: address 128 and 129 on ST1[0] and ST1[2],
// and address 130 on ST2.
Sabertooth ST1[2] = { Sabertooth(128), Sabertooth(129) };
Sabertooth ST2(130);
void setup()
Sabertooth::autobaud(SabertoothTXPinSerial); // Autobaud is for the whole serial line -- you don't need to do
// it for each individual motor driver. This is the version of
// the autobaud command that is not tied to a particular
// Sabertooth object.
// See the examples in 1.Basics for information on whether you
// need this line at all.
void loop()
// ST1[0] (address 128) has power 50 (of 127 max) on M1,
// ST1[1] (address 129) has power 60 (of 127 max) on M2, and
// ST2 (address 130) we'll do tank-style and have it drive 20 and turn right 50.
// Do this for 5 seconds.
ST1[0].motor(1, 50);
ST1[1].motor(2, 60);;
// And now let's stop for 5 seconds, except address 130 -- we'll let it stop and turn left...
ST1[0].motor(1, 0);
ST1[1].motor(2, 0);;