Jukebox Song Credits

Sappy 2006

Sappy 2006: Jukebox

Jukebox Song Credits

Listed in track order. Instrumentation has been altered and some tracks have been completely removed.

Test song Hand-coded by Kyoufu Kawa

Keitaro's Theme - "Memories"
From "Catnip Dreams", 2005 The Helmeted Rodent.
Composed by Majin Bluedragon.
The game was never released, and songs may return in later games from the same authors.

Monkey Island 2 Theme Song
From "Monkey Island 2", LucasArts.
Recorded from DOSBox.

From "The Incredible Toon Machine", Sierra.
Game used MIDI files.

By Pachelbel.
Found by Google.

From "Duke Nukem 3D", 3D Realms.
Game uses MIDI files.

At Doom's Gate, Kitchen Ace and I Sawed the Demons
From "Doom", iD software.
Downloaded from DoomWorld.

From "Azumanga Daioh - The Anime".

From "Lemmings", Psychnosis.

From "Ninja Gaiden".

Kawa's Comin'
Original by DJ Bouché, extended version by Baro.

Zero Wing Medley
From "Zero Wing", Toaplan.
Sequenced and arranged by Mars Jenkar.
Downloaded from VGMusic.

Hu-Ha Dschinghis Kahn
By Dschinghis Kahn.
Downloaded from some Russian site.

500 Miles (I'm Gonna Be)
By The Proclaimers.
Downloaded from a karaoke site.

Pallet Town
Ported from Pokémon.

Thexder theme
Sequenced by Jan van Valburg.
Downloaded from VGMusic.