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FdoRdbmsOvSchemaAutoGeneration Class Reference

#include <RdbmsOvSchemaAutoGeneration.h>

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Detailed Description

This class provides directives for reverse-engineering FDO Feature Schema elements from the physical schema of the currently connected datastore. /summary>.

Definition at line 34 of file RdbmsOvSchemaAutoGeneration.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void _writeXml (FdoXmlWriter *xmlWriter, const FdoXmlFlags *flags)
FDORDBMS_OV_API FdoStringCollection * GetGenTableList ()
FDORDBMS_OV_API FdoString * GetGenTablePrefix ()
FDORDBMS_OV_API FdoInt32 GetMaxSampleRows ()
FDORDBMS_OV_API FdoBoolean GetRemoveTablePrefix ()
virtual void InitFromXml (FdoXmlSaxContext *pContext, FdoXmlAttributeCollection *attrs)
FDORDBMS_OV_API void SetGenTablePrefix (FdoString *tablePrefix)
FDORDBMS_OV_API void SetMaxSampleRows (FdoInt32 maxRows)
FDORDBMS_OV_API void SetRemoveTablePrefix (FdoBoolean removeTablePrefix)
Returns nothing

Static Public Member Functions

static FDORDBMS_OV_API FdoRdbmsOvSchemaAutoGenerationCreate ()
 Creates a set of schema autogeneration settings. /summary> returns>Returns FdoRdbmsOvSchemaAutoGeneration


Protected Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
 FdoRdbmsOvSchemaAutoGeneration ()
FdoXmlSaxHandler * XmlStartElement (FdoXmlSaxContext *context, FdoString *uri, FdoString *name, FdoString *qname, FdoXmlAttributeCollection *atts)
virtual ~FdoRdbmsOvSchemaAutoGeneration ()

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