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FdoPostGISOvPropertyMappingRelation Class Reference

#include <PostGisOvPropertyMappingRelation.h>

Inherits FdoPostGISOvPropertyMappingDefinition, and FdoRdbmsOvPropertyMappingRelation.

Inherited by FdoPostGISOvPropertyMappingClass, and FdoPostGISOvPropertyMappingConcrete.

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Detailed Description

Abstract class defining the physical schema overrides for relation type object property table mappings. This class is used in PostGIS schema overrides.

Definition at line 31 of file PostGisOvPropertyMappingRelation.h.

Public Member Functions

FDOPOSTGIS_OV_API FdoPostGISOvClassDefinitionGetInternalClass ()
FDOPOSTGIS_OV_API void SetInternalClass (FdoPostGISOvClassDefinition *classDef)
 Sets the internal class.

Protected Member Functions

virtual FdoRdbmsOvClassDefinitionCreateInternalClass (bool attach)
 FdoPostGISOvPropertyMappingRelation ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~FdoPostGISOvPropertyMappingRelation ()

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