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RdbmsOvPropertyDefinitionCollection.h File Reference

#include <Fdo/Commands/Schema/PhysicalElementMappingCollection.h> #include <Rdbms/Override/RdbmsOvPropertyDefinition.h>

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class  FdoRdbmsOvPropertyDefinitionCollection
 Concrete class defining physical schema overrides for a collection of property definitions. More...
class  FdoRdbmsOvReadOnlyPropertyDefinitionCollection
 Collection of property overrides for an RDBMS-type provider. Members cannot be added to or removed from this collection. /summary>. More...


typedef FdoPtr< FdoRdbmsOvPropertyDefinitionCollectionFdoRdbmsOvPropertiesP
typedef FdoPtr< FdoRdbmsOvReadOnlyPropertyDefinitionCollectionFdoRdbmsOvReadOnlyPropertiesP