1. Overview


1.   Overview

1.1                Scope

This document describes how to use. NET Micro Framework (NETMF) with SH7264 M3A-HS64G50 board. This document mainly describes how to setup, build and run SH7264_M3A_HS64 solution available in the porting kit. This document also describes how to create, build, deploy and run NETMF based applications on SH7264 M3A-HS64G50 board using Microsoft visual studio.

1.2                Required Target System

-         M3A-HS64G50


-         M3A-HS64G01

M3A-HS64G02 is also fine but the GPIO port name for Virtual Key input assignment is different.

-         LCD panel which part number is TX09D55VM1CDA

If you have another LCD panel, you might need to modify the display driver.


Please go through the hardware user manual of the M3A-HS64G50 and M3A-HS64G01 before power ON and working with the board.

1.3                Supported Driver

-         Display (LCD)

-         USB Host only for File System

-         Key input

-         Serial

-         Timer & Power

-         Nor Flash

-         Serial Flash

In addition, the SD card driver for File System is already supported and we may be having other drivers. If needed, please contact us.

1.4                Supported Projects

Following projects are supported.

-         NativeSample

-         TinyCLR


Following projects are not supported.

-         Portbooter

-         Tinybooter


However, these projects can be build properly so if needed you can customize them.

1.5                Requirements

-         Host system (Windows XP in this documentation)

-         Target System (M3A-HS64G50 and M3A-HS64G01 Board)

-         Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

-         E10A-USB Emulator for SH2A and installation setup.

-         C/C++ Compiler Package for SuperH RISC engine family

-         .NET Micro framework porting kit (MicroFrameworkPK.msi)

-         .NET Micro framework development kit (MicroFrameworkSDK.MSI)

-         .NETMF Solution “SH7264_M3A_HS64” (included in the porting kit)

-         NULL modem cable (Serial cable)

-         Tera Term Pro or another serial program.