Introducing OwnData 2

OwnData 2

Introducing OwnData 2


OwnData 2 is the second generation of unique software that allows you to use third party data in TradeStation 8.1 and thus opens brand new possibilities for your trading. Previously you were limited to the data provided by TradeStation Securities servers. Now OwnData 2 opens eSignal, Interactive Brokers (IB), Patsystems (J-Trader), TradeStation 2000i GlobalServer, ASCII (plain text), Universal DDE, Tenfore, Free Quotes and other data sources to you (read more about supported data feeds). OwnData 2 is developed from the scratch considering the user input, the issues and limitations of the first generation. The most demanding reliability and functionality requirements were met without sacrificing user-friendliness.

Even if you're content with the data provided by TradeStation Securities, we recommend OwnData 2, as it will allow you to import ASCII (plain text) files to native TradeStation data or give you a backup in case of any problems with TradeStation Securities feed. Using OwnData 2 significantly decreases the risks of interrupting the trading system's work and receiving faulty data. The program allows access to completely new trading securities and opens new analysis possibilities. Deep integration with TradeStation 8.1 provides for effective and user-friendly handling.

OwnData 2 solves a number of principal problems associated with using TradeStation 8.1:

  • Impossibility to use any ASCII data for analysis
  • Incomplete trading markets coverage. Lack of Canadian, Asian, African, European and other markets
  • Lack of a backup data vendor if there's an interruption of real-time quotes
  • Plotting charts on the basis of Bid or Ask not supported
  • Synthetic symbols creation for subsequent use in TradeStation 8.1 not supported


  • Improved stability, user interface and compatibility with TradeStation 8.1 (build 2811), simple installation, automatic switch to new TS8 builds
  • Supported data sources: eSignal, Interactive Brokers, Patsystems (J-Trader), TradeStation 2000i GlobalServer, TradeStation Securities, Tenfore, Free Quotes (,,,, Universal DDE (20 predefined templates), ASCII (plain text). New data sources can be connected on your demand. Please, send a request to receive further information concerning the OwnData 2 API for developers
  • A local quote management system for data storage and rapid access to it. All the data is stored in the local database, so you don't need to download it over and over again. Also, QuoteManager allows you to use the received data in offline mode
  • Data Edit helps you fix bad ticks or add quotes with a few clicks
  • New advanced import of ASCII data into symbols of any data feeds. Automatic recognizing of most known formats, high performance and support for multigigabyte files. TradeStation 8.1 users are able to combine native and 3rd party ASCII data
  • Charts from different data sources can be used in the same Chart Analysis Window
  • Data Sampling. Automatic creation of minutes from ticks, days from minutes, etc.
  • A simplified system of queries creation in TradeStation 8.1. The selection of the desired symbol and data provider is determined by the symbol name and prefix. For instance, a query for IB:MSFT will return realtime data from Interactive Brokers