Training Single Characters or Patterns

NI OCR Training Interface

Training Single Characters or Patterns

Complete the following steps to train single characters or patterns:

  1. Access the OCR Training Interface.
  2. Select File¬ĽOpen Images, and select the image or images you want to use for training. You can select multiple image files by pressing the <Ctrl> key and clicking each file. You can also enable the Select all files checkbox to open all images in the directory you specified.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Use the navigation buttons to locate the image you want to use for training.
  5. On the image, draw an ROI around the characters you want to train.

    OCR segments objects in the ROI, drawing character bounding rectangles around them according to the settings on each of the tabs at the bottom of the training interface. Text Read displays recognized characters and the substitution character based on the character set file you are using. If you have not opened a character set file, Text Read displays the substitution character for each of the segmented objects in the ROI. For example, if the ROI contains three segmented objects, Text Read contains three substitution characters. Any object that is surrounded by a character bounding rectangle is a segmented object.

  6. Use the Threshold, Advanced Threshold, Size & Spacing, and Read Options tabs to set up the parameters you want to use in the training process. Adjust threshold methods and settings and make changes in the other tabs to configure OCR to draw character bounding rectangles around objects in the ROI appropriately. OCR displays objects in blue.
  7. Click Train Single Character.
  8. Select the Index of the character you want to train. OCR displays the character bounding rectangle of the corresponding character with a different color.
  9. Enter the appropriate character value in Correct String.
  10. Click Train.