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  DLC Parameters

Open DLC

For opening DLC, the DLC parameters dialog box is used to configure the parameters sent to MUX driver

The explanation of the DLC parameters are given below:
  • DLCi: This takes the number of the DLC which is to be opened.
  • Type Of Frame: This takes the type of the frames which are to be used for communication via the DLC. Different types of frames can be used like SABM(Set Asynchronous Balanced Mode), DISC(DISConnect Mode), UI(Unnumbered Information Frame). All these frames are used for the communication between the stations.
  • Convergence Layer: This takes the type of convergence layer, which is to be used for implementing the layer structure at the DLC for transmission the frames.
  • Priority: It takes the priority of the DLC, for the data streams. Its value ranges from 0 to 63. Lower value means higher priority.
  • Maximum Frame Size: Data is received or transmitted in form of frames. This parameter specifies the maximum size of the frame.
  • Acknowledgement Timer: It provides the time for which the station(receiver or transmitter) waits for an event acknowledgement
  • Maximum Retransmissions: This provides the maximum number for which a station should re-attempt for completion of an event which requires any response.
  • Window Size for ERM(Error Recovery Mode): This is the maximum number of Information frames that the particular DLC can have unacknowledged.

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