Troubleshoot Clip Organizer

Microsoft Clip Art

ShowI can't play my animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) files.

ShowI want to use the latest version of Clip Organizer with earlier Microsoft programs.

Adding clips to Clip Organizer

ShowI see a blank thumbnail.

ShowI get a message about a missing or incompatible graphics filter or media player.

Organizing clips

ShowI get a message saying MStore10.mgc is corrupt.

ShowI can't find the categories I created in Clip Gallery.

ShowI can't find a previously available catalog.

ShowI deleted a clip from Clip Organizer, but it keeps reappearing.

ShowClip Organizer keeps creating subcollections when I browse collections.

ShowI can't find a button or feature.

Searching for clips

ShowClip Organizer can't locate my clip.

ShowI can click through the collections and type in a search, but I when I click Search or try to insert a picture, I get an error message that Clip Organizer can't complete the operation.

ShowI added some clips, but they don't appear to be in Clip Organizer, even though the progress meter indicated that they all were added successfully.