About the Microsoft Script Editor Window

Microsoft Script Editor

About the Microsoft Script Editor Window

The Microsoft Script Editor window supports viewing HTML for all Office applications that support saving documents in HTML. At any given time, there is only one Microsoft Script Editor window into which all open Office applications can load their HTML. In that same window, you can create new HTML files or open existing ones from any available location.

You can use the Project Explorer window in the Microsoft Script Editor to navigate among all open HTML pages, whether they were loaded from Office documents open in Office applications, or were files opened directly from a disk or network server. You can activate a particular HTML file by double-clicking it in the Project Explorer window, by selecting it from the list of windows on the Window menu, or by clicking the tab for the HTML file on the series of tabs at the top of the document window.

A Design button and an HTML button are located at the bottom of the document window, which indicate the view that the active HTML file is in (Design or HTML). Note that Microsoft Office documents cannot be displayed in Design view in the Microsoft Script Editor. If the active HTML file represents an open Office document, the Design button is disabled and displays an alert when clicked. You must activate the Office application to modify the document in Design view. If the active HTML file was newly created or was opened from a disk or network server, the Design button is enabled and you can edit the HTML file in Design view.

To view your HTML file as it will be displayed in the browser, click the View in Browser command on the File menu. The Microsoft Script Editor launches a new browser window and loads the active HTML file into it.