FPGA Interface

LabView FPGA Interface

FPGA Interface

June 2008, 371107E-01

The FPGA Interface provides programming features and functions to help you communicate with VIs or bitfiles that run on National Instruments FPGA targets, such as National Instruments Reconfigurable I/O (NI-RIO) devices. The VI that runs on the FPGA target is called the FPGA VI. The VI you use to communicate with FPGA VIs or bitfiles is called the host VI. The host VI can run on PCs or RT targets.

The FPGA Interface is available with FPGA target driver software. You can use the FPGA Interface functions in a host VI if you have an FPGA target and the appropriate driver software. You do not need the LabVIEW FPGA Module to use the FPGA Interface functions. You need the FPGA Module if you want to develop FPGA VIs.

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