Adobe Illustrator CS5 Type Library JS: ColorConvertPurpose

Illustrator CS5

 Denotes the purpose of color conversion using ConvertSmapleColor method.


ColorConvertPurpose.defaultpurposeDo standard conversion, without black preservation. int 0
ColorConvertPurpose.dummypurposeDummy option. int 4
ColorConvertPurpose.exportpurposeConversion options appropriate to creating an image for print or export. int 2
ColorConvertPurpose.previewpurposeConversion options appropriate to creating an image for screen display. int 1


In function

Array of number Application.convertSampleColor (sourceColorSpace: ImageColorSpace, sourceColor: Array of number, destColorSpace: ImageColorSpace, colorConvertPurpose: ColorConvertPurpose[, sourceHasAlpha: bool=false][, destHasAlpha: bool=false])

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