Uses of the CTIPhone Control

IPFX Integrator CTI Phone Control

Uses of the CTIPhone Control

The CTIPhone Control can be used to enhance the functionality of your current system. It can be incorporated in applications such as:

  • Telemarketing
  • Order Entry
  • Help Desk

The events that the CTIPhone Control give can be used for a variety of functions. One common use is screen pops. Screen pops are windows which popup and show information relevant to the person handling the call. If your phone system has Caller Identification enabled this would mean you would be able to match this number to the customer in your database and then popup the relevant details.

Take for example an Order Entry program. You could match up the customer based on the Caller Identification passed through and then automatically popup the customers contact details and all recent orders that the customer has placed before they even answer the call. This will mean no effort at all is required by the person answering the call to find these details which will save time for both the caller and the person answering the call.

Another feature of the CTIPhone Control is it allows you to make outbound calls. Now take an outbound telemarketing company. All day a person will be making outbound calls. The CTIPhone Control will automate this task. By simply placing a button next to the number to dial, the person can simply click on the button to place the call. This once again will save time when dialling the number and it will eliminate the chance of dialling the wrong number.

These are just a couple of examples of how the CTIPhone Control can save you time and effort in handling calls with minimal programming complication.

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