Introduction to CTIPhone Control

IPFX Integrator CTI Phone Control

The CTIPhone Control Guide serves as a reference to developers that want to integrate to the functionality offered by the CT Server using the CTIPhone Control.

It allows developers to utilize the functionality of the CT Server to integrate with custom developed packages that may not include TAPI support.

The files included with the CTIPhone Control are:

  • CTIPHONE.OCX, the COM component allowing an interface to the system.
  • Sample project files.
  • Help File

The CTIPhone Control is a COM object that can be added into your application to give you an interface to the CT Server.

You can increase the functionality of your existing application by adding the CTIPhone Control to the application which will give you access to information about calls. You will also be able to control your phone.


Available on Director PBX On the IPFX Directory platform only, transfers are not supported on the following devices:

Cisco 7905 and 7912 phones, ATA devices, and analog phones.


  • How to Install the CTIPhone Control
  • Features of the CTIPhone Control
  • Elements of the CTIPhone Control

Sample Project Files

The examples in this manual are based on Visual Basic 5.0. Sample applications can be found in the /SAMPLES subdirectory of your installation.