Running GLUE

Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation

Running GLUE

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Figure 9 also shows how users initiate the simulation runs to estimate the coefficients – “Run GLUE”. One could also start over, as indicated. Before running GLUE, however, you may want to “Disable On-Access Scan) of your virus software. Our experience is that the system will operate much faster by doing this before running GLUE, as much as 5 or more times faster. GLUE runs may take some time, possibly from 0.5 to 2 hours for example, depending on how many seasons are selected for estimating the coefficients.



Figure 9. Main screen in GLUE for running the coefficient estimation process (circled) and also for viewing outputs. From this screen, one can view the final estimated coefficients and copy them to put into the appropriate cultivar file (.CUL in the DSSAT45\Genetics directory) and also to review statistics (mean, maximum likelihood, and standard deviation of the estimated coefficients.