[API function]


Sets or clears the 'cancel' flag inside the compiler, so that compilation can be halted mid compile.

FSBANK_RESULT FSBank_SetBuildCancel(
int cancel


cancel Should be either TRUE (non zero) or FALSE (zero).

Return Value

On success, FSBANK_OK is returned.
On failure, an FSBANK_RESULT error code is returned.


Because the FSBank_Build function is a blocking function, you will not get a chance to call this during compilation, but if you call FSBank_Build from another thread, then this can be called during the compilation process.
Another alternative is to call it from an FSBank_UpdateCallback which will give a change to terminate mid compile without needing to execute FSBank_Build from a seperate thread, but will have less accuracy (ie it will have to wait until a file has been compressed before cancelling).

See Also

FSBank_Build , FSBank_GetBuildCancel , FSBANK_RESULT

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