Errorcode returned by all FSBank commands


FSBANK_ERR_INIT // Failed to initialize
FSBANK_ERR_UNINITIALIZED // FSBank_Init hasnt been called yet.
FSBANK_ERR_FILE_DIRNOTFILE // The target is an existing file. The specified build mode requires a destination directory, not a file.
FSBANK_ERR_FILE_DESTFILE // Cannot create destination file. File may be in use or read only
FSBANK_ERR_FILE_WORKING // Cannot create working file. File may be in use or read only
FSBANK_ERR_FILE_HEADER // Cannot create destination c header file. File may be in use or read only
FSBANK_ERR_FILE_EOF // End of file was encountered unexpectedly.
FSBANK_ERR_FILE_OS // An operating system based file error was encountered. Could cause corruption or failure of FSB to be created.
FSBANK_ERR_INVALID_PARAM // An invalid parameter was passed to this function
FSBANK_ERR_INVALID_FORMAT // A dll was missing for this format or the environment wasnt set up properly.
FSBANK_ERR_CANCELLED // The build process was cancelled during compilation by the user.
FSBANK_ERR_COMPILATION_ABORTED // Compilation aborted due to error

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