Audio Class

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Audio Class

The audio object
Inheritance Hierarchy
SystemObject  Hellmade.SoundAudio

Namespace:  Hellmade.Sound
Assembly:  Assembly-CSharp (in Assembly-CSharp.dll) Version:
public class Audio

The Audio type exposes the following members.

Public methodAudio
Initializes a new instance of the Audio class
Public propertyActivated
Whether the audio is created and updated at least once.
Public propertyAudioID
The ID of the Audio
Public propertyAudioSource
The audio source that is responsible for this audio. Do not modify the audiosource directly as it could result to unpredictable behaviour. Use the Audio class instead.
Public propertyClip
Audio clip to play/is playing
Public propertyDopplerLevel
The doppler scale of the audio
Public propertyFadeInSeconds
How many seconds it needs for the audio to fade in/ reach target volume (if higher than current)
Public propertyFadeOutSeconds
How many seconds it needs for the audio to fade out/ reach target volume (if lower than current)
Public propertyIsPlaying
Whether the audio is currently playing
Public propertyLoop
Whether the audio will be lopped
Public propertyMax3DDistance
(Logarithmic rolloff) MaxDistance is the distance a sound stops attenuating at.
Public propertyMin3DDistance
Within the Min distance the audio will cease to grow louder in volume.
Public propertyMute
Whether the audio is muted
Public propertyPaused
Whether the audio is paused
Public propertyPersist
Whether the audio persists in between scene changes
Public propertyPitch
The pitch of the audio
Public propertyPriority
Sets the priority of the audio
Public propertyReverbZoneMix
The amount by which the signal from the AudioSource will be mixed into the global reverb associated with the Reverb Zones.
Public propertyRolloffMode
How the audio attenuates over distance
Public propertySourceTransform
The source transform of the audio.
Public propertySpatialBlend
Sets how much this AudioSource is affected by 3D spatialisation calculations (attenuation, doppler etc). 0.0 makes the sound full 2D, 1.0 makes it full 3D.
Public propertySpread
The spread angle (in degrees) of a 3d stereo or multichannel sound in speaker space.
Public propertyStereoPan
Pans a playing sound in a stereo way (left or right). This only applies to sounds that are Mono or Stereo.
Public propertyStopping
Whether the audio is stopping
Public propertyType
The type of the Audio
Public propertyVolume
The volume of the audio. Use SetVolume to change it.
Public methodPause
Pause playing audio clip
Public methodPlay
Start playing audio clip from the beggining
Public methodPlay(Single)
Start playing audio clip from the beggining
Public methodResume
Resume playing audio clip
Public methodSet3DDistances
Sets the Audio 3D distances
Public methodSetVolume(Single)
Sets the audio volume
Public methodSetVolume(Single, Single)
Sets the audio volume
Public methodSetVolume(Single, Single, Single)
Sets the audio volume
Public methodStop
Stop playing audio clip
Public methodUnPause
Resume playing audio clip
Public methodUpdate
Update loop of the Audio. This is automatically called from the sound manager itself. Do not use this function anywhere else, as it may lead to unwanted behaviour.
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