Introduction to DMOTest

DMOTest is a test utility for Microsoft® DirectX® Media Objects (DMOs). DMOTest helps you to verify that a DMO meets the DMO specification. If you create a DMO, DMOTest should be part of your testing process.

DMOTest supports two kinds of test:

  • Streaming tests: These tests are designed to verify that the DMO can process data correctly. In these tests, the DMOTest application gives the DMO sample data to process. The application checks for correct return codes, consistent flags, and so forth. (Of course, it cannot verify whether the output is correct, because that depends completely on the DMO.)
  • API tests: These tests perform various method calls on the DMO. The test application checks for correct return codes, valid parameters, and so forth.

For the streaming tests, DMOTest uses test files written in a custom file format. The test files contain sample data taken from a media source file. For information about the format, see DMO Test Application File Format.

To use DMOTest, perform the following steps:

  1. Create test files.

      See Creating Test Files.

  2. For each DMO, select which test files to use.

      See Selecting the DMOs.

  3. Select the tests.

      See Selecting Test Suites.

  4. Run the tests.

      See Running the Tests.