DIGITAL_IO: Overview




The DIGITAL_IO APP provides the following functionalities:

  • Configure and control a port pin as general purpose Input or Input/Output.
  • Controls various IO pad characteristics.
  • Connection of port pin to other peripherals (using the DAVE™ HW Signal Connections).
Figure 1
Figure 2

The red marked registers shown in above figures are modified by the DIGITAL_IO APP.

Input Operation :
Reads actual voltage level at the port pin and it can be inverted optionally.

  • Configures internal weak pull-up or pull down devices in the pad.
  • Configures input pad hysteresis.

Input/Output Operation :
The output driver is activated and drives the value supplied through the output multiplexer to the port pin.

  • Configures between open-drain and push-pull.
  • Configures pad driver strength.
  • Please refer APP Configuration Parameters section for more information.

Hardware Controlled operation :
The pin will be controlled by the peripheral to which it is connected.

  • Configures of HWSEL bitfield which selects the peripheral that drives the pin.
  • Configures pad driver strength.
  • Configures input pad hysteresis.
  • Configures pin input data polarity.

Additionally DIGITAL_IO APP provides APIs to configure port pin.

Figure 3, shows how the APP is structured in DAVE™. XMC controllers provide the PORT module to configure pin. The LLD layer provides abstraction for these hardware modules. The DIGITAL_IO APP uses XMC_GPIO LLDs for the functionality.

Figure 3 : Hardware and Software connectivity of DIGITAL_IO APP

Note:This APP is intended to configure digital I/O ports, however for analog I/O operation refer ANALOG_IO APP.

Supported Devices
The APP supports below devices:

  1. XMC4800 / XMC4700 / XMC4300 Series
  2. XMC4500 Series
  3. XMC4400 Series
  4. XMC4200 / XMC4100 Series
  5. XMC1400 Series
  6. XMC1300 Series
  7. XMC1200 Series
  8. XMC1100 Series


  1. XMC4800 / XMC4700 / XMC4300 Reference Manual
  2. XMC4500 Reference Manual
  3. XMC4400 Reference Manual
  4. XMC4200 / XMC4100 Reference Manual
  5. XMC1400 Reference Manual
  6. XMC1300 Reference Manual
  7. XMC1200 Reference Manual
  8. XMC1100 Reference Manual