DIGITAL_IO: Architecture Description


Architecture Description

Architecture Description

Figure 1 : Architecture of DIGITAL_IO APP

The above diagram represents the internal software architecture of the DIGITAL_IO APP. A DIGITAL_IO APP instance exists in a DAVEā„¢ project with fixed attributes as shown. Each instance of this APP configures PORT pin in the MCU. The DIGITAL_IO APP also provides output signal for inter-peripheral connections.

An instantiated APP (after code generation) generates a specific data structure with the GUI configuration. The name of this data structure can be modified by changing the APP instance label (e.g. change label from default DIGITAL_IO_0 to INPUT_READ).


The following table presents the signals provided by the APP for connection. It also gives the flexibility to configure and extend the connectivity to other APPs.

Signal Name Input/Output Availability Description
pin Input/Output When pin direction is Input or Input/Output GPIO functionality.
hardware pin control Input/Output When pin direction is Hardware Controlled Peripheral controlled functionality.