dhtmlxconnector:release_notes [DHX documentation]

PHP Connector DHTMLX

Release notes

new in version 1.5

new in version 1.2

  • SQLite support
  • DataConnector, JSONDataConnector
  • onDBError event

server-side requirements

  • Fully supported DataBases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, FileSystem
  • Partially supported DataBases: SQLite, any PDO|ODBC compliant ( MSAccess, Excel, SQLLite, DB2, FireBird, etc. )
  • PHP version: 5.x

supported functionality

  • Data loading for Grid, TreeGrid, Tree, Combo, Scheduler, DataView, Chart, Form
  • Data saving for Grid, TreeGrid, Tree, Scheduler, DataView, Form
  • Server-side sorting and filtering for Grid, Treegrid
  • Dynamic loading (paging) for Grid, Treegrid, Tree, Scheduler, DataView, Combo

migration from older versions

0.9 → 0.96

  • beforeFilter and beforeSorting events provide object as parameter instead of plain data
  • Order of parameters for render_* methods of TreeGrid and Tree connectors was changed.

    render_table("table","id","fields","parent id")
    render_table("table","id","fields","extra fields","parent id")

0.96 → 1.0

  • beforeOutput event has different parameters

1.0 → 1.5

  • new version filter out html content before saving, use the next code if you want to revert logic of connector to the previous behavior
    ConnectorSecurity::$xss = DHX_SECURITY_TRUSTED;