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General idea of dhtmlxConnector

dhtmlxConnector is a server-side library that lets you access data sources. It consists of individual component-specific connectors and a set of additional ones providing advanced functionality.

A dhtmlxConnector's job is to provide necessary data exchange conditions so that you do not have to deal with the technical details of working with various data stores, systems or services. As such, each type of dhtmlxConnector is designed to use a specific API.

As the library is server-side it provides different manipulations just on server backend:

  • loading data (statically or dynamically) from database, File System, Excel file.
  • server-side filtration, sorting and validation.

When you need to deal with client-side as well, i.e. pass data back to server, you should use DataProcessor additionally (for more details of this topic, see the chapter 'Client-side requirement - dataProcessor').

general list of connectors


Additional (most important):

Throughout the documentation you'll see examples that use 'GridConnector'. Subject to using component, replace it with the needed connector.