Key Features


Key Features

Installer or Portable

ControlPad comes in two versions: Installer (EXE) or Portable (zip).

The two versions are identical with these exceptions:

  • The Installer version is packed with auto-extracting WinRar while the portable version is packed with ZIP.
  • The Installer version is slightly larger since it contains the additional install.exe file.
  • The Portable version contains a default commands.ini file, while the Installer version generates it upon installation.
  • The Portable version does not create anything in the registry or anything outside of its own folder while the Installer version creates only the basic elements it needs to be recognized by Windows.
Note: Since ControlPad was designed as a portable application, it requires full permissions in its folder, so it is recommended to install it in a folder other than Program Files.

Assigning and Executing Commands

ControlPad was designed to be operated entirely from the numeric keypad.

  • Press and Hold the * key to activate the input window.
  • Enter a numeric code then press the / key to add a new command.
  • Enter a numeric code then press the Enter key to execute a command.

If your keyboard does not have a numeric keypad, you may enable Laptop Mode in the options dialog to assign different keys.

Feeling Lucky Search

If you input a command that cannot be found in the commands list, ControlPad will try to find a relevant webpage, using Google's Feeling Lucky functionality.

For example, entering facebook will go directly to

You may disable or modify this functionality to go to any other URL. This may be useful if you wish to change the behavior so ControlPad will do a web search using your favorite search engine.

This will work only for non numeric commands.


ControlPad has a special feature that allows you to set up an even faster access to up to 11 commands.

When the SpeedPad feature is enabled, the numeric keypad keys 0-9 and the Dot key may each be assigned to a command.
These commands will only execute when the Numlock is turned off so you can still use the numeric keypad for entering numbers.

Beeper Alert

ControlPad has a special command code syntax that allows you to set a timer alert at a specific time.

All timer commands start with a plus sign.
In the command code input window, enter:

  • ++X - to set timer alert to X minutes from now.
  • +XXXX - to set timer alert to sound at XX:XX (24 hour clock, must be 4 digits).
  • + - to disable any previously set beeper.
When the alert beeps, press ESC to turn it off.

Handle Windows, Applications or Processes

ControlPad has several internal commands that allow you to:

  • Close any window (based on its partial title).
  • Terminate any process.
  • Wait for a window to become active (focused) or inactive.
  • Wait for a program to load or close.


ControlPad is highly customizable. You can:

  • Configure the location of your commands file - for easy backup.
  • Change almost every aspect of the user interface (colors, transparency, size, font).
  • Change sounds / add your own sound sets.