Change Log

Codehead's Bitmap Font Generator

Change Log

V1.42 - Public Release

  • [Bugfix] RGB values in 24bit and 32bit BFF files now correctly ordered.

V1.41 - Public Release

  • [Tweak] Added 16 pixel and 32 pixel options to texture sizes.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed vertical scrolling calculation, scroll bars now enable correctly when only vertical scrolling is required.

V1.4 - Public Release

  • [Feature] Maximum texture size is now 4096 x 4096.
  • [Feature] Font/Background colour now selectable from main window.
  • [Bugfix] CSV Export now contains font width data.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed memory leak, GDI bitmap was not being freed during screen updates.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed application link to help file.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed filesize calculation in BMP export.
  • [Tweak] Online update check now more verbose on failure.
  • [Tweak] Minimum Zoom level now 25%.

V1.3 - Public Release

  • [General] Major code re-write.
  • [Feature] Online update checking added.
  • [Feature] Help file added.
  • [Feature] TGA32 support added.
  • [Feature] Support for independant image width and height added.
  • [Feature] Added option to saturate RGB channels on 32bit BFF.
  • [Feature] Added option to invert alpha channels on 8 and 32bit BFF.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed flashing font display during scrolling.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed incorrect width calculation for non-truetype fonts.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed validation of user entered values that could lockup the system.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed colourkey issue in preview window. Now rendered by OpenGL.
  • [Bugfix] All Alpha channels are now rendered black and white, regarless of text colour.
  • [Bugfix] 'File->Reset' now resets all attributes.

V1.2 - Private testers only.

  • [Feature] Added binary font data output support.
  • [BugFix] Minor stability issues addressed.

V1.1 - Private testers only.

  • [Feature] Added Test/Preview window.
  • [Feature] Added 32bit BFF output support.
  • [Feature] Added CSV font data export.

V1.0 - First release. Private testers only.