Specifying Input Report Logs

Autodesk SAMreport-Lite

Specifying Input Report Logs
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The only valid input files are FLEXnet report logs. These report logs may have been produced by redundant license servers or distributed license servers, or they may simply be archived report logs from one or more license servers. Report logs must be accessible to SAMreport-Lite. Enabling and Managing Report Logs describes how to start and manage report log files.

You must specify at least one report log before running a report. You must specify the location of each of the report logs you want to run with SAMreport-Lite using one of the following two methods.

  • In the text field to the right of the Browse button, enter the path to the report log. Press ENTER. Repeat this process for each report log that you want to add.
  • Click the Browse button and use the report log file browser to select a report log from your system. Double-click the report log file. You can repeat this process to select more than one report log from the browser.

After you select a report log, the report log file name is displayed in the text box above the Remove button. To remove a report log from the list, click to highlight the report log, then click the Remove button.

There is no fixed limit on the size of a report log that you run through SAMreport-Lite, but the execution time of a report is proportional to the amount of report log data that is processed.