AutoCAD Map 3D Geospatial Platform API


A feature source represents a single FDO (Feature Data Objects) connection. FDO is an API for reading and writing geospatial data in a variety of formats. For more details about FDO, see the documentation included with AutoCAD Map 3D and the SDK, or visit fdo.osgeo.org.

Feature Service provides a common API for reading and writing feature data from data sources for which an FDO provider exists.

Different feature sources have different capabilities. For example, an Oracle Spatial database will have more capabilities than an ODBC connection. Some feature sources can have multiple schemas.

One schema in a feature source can describe multiple feature classes. For example, a single SDF file could contain a feature class for roads and another feature class for hydrography.

In AutoCAD Map 3D, a single FDO feature class corresponds to a single map layer. There cannot be more than one feature class per layer, and a layer containing feature data cannot contain AcDb entities.

NoteAll Feature Service operations work with features belonging to the current map. To get the current map, call AcMapMap.GetCurrentMap().