AutoCAD Map 3D Geospatial Platform API


A map is composed of layers, where each layer represents data from a feature source.

AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide differ in some of the ways they handle map layers. Because MapGuide is a web-based mapping product, it must coordinate layer display based on information from the client and the server. AutoCAD Map 3D can handle all layer display directly from the application.

NoteThe Geospatial Platform API deals strictly with layers from FDO feature sources. If a map in AutoCAD Map 3D includes other layers, they must be handled using the appropriate methods from the .NET API.

A layer (AcMapLayer object), has a LayerDefinition property that points to a layer definition in the resource repository. The layer definition content is XML that conforms to the LayerDefinition.xsdLayerDefinition.xsd schema. Among other elements, it contains a ResourceId element that identifies the feature source for the layer.