Geometry Objects

AutoCAD Map 3D Geospatial Platform API

Geometry Objects

MgGeometry is the base class for all the geometry types. The simple geometry types are:

  • MgPoint — a single point
  • MgLineString — a series of connected line segments
  • MgCurveString — a series of connected curve segments
  • MgPolygon — a polygon with sides formed from line segments
  • MgCurvePolygon — a polygon with sides formed from curve segments

The curve segments are circular arcs, defined by a start point, an end point, and a control point.

Complex types are formed by aggregating simple types. The complex types are:

  • MgMultiPoint — a group of points
  • MgMultiLineString — a group of line strings
  • MgMultiCurveString — a group of curve strings
  • MgMultiPolygon — a group of polygons
  • MgMultiCurvePolygon — a group of curve polygons
  • MgMultiGeometry — a group of simple geometry objects of any type