Cleanup Action Variables

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Cleanup Action Variables

Cleanup action variables store properties for cleanup actions, which are assigned to action lists by tpm_cleanactionlistins.

Action lists are a feature of cleanup models. Cleanup action variables are a subset of the configuration variables data structure.

ARC_TYPE With the Simplify Objects cleanup action (clean group type 128) only, whether to create arcs (integer).
1 = Create arcs (default)
0 = Do not create arcs
For any action other than 128, Simplify Objects, ARC_TYPE does not matter.
CLEAN_TOL Cleanup tolerance (positive real).
Default = 0.01
CLEAN_TOL affects the following actions only:
  8 = Delete Duplicates
  1 = Erase Short Objects
  4 = Extend Undershoots
 16 = Snap Clustered Nodes
 64 = Erase Dangling Objects
128 = Simplify Objects
With the following actions, the CLEAN_TOL value does not matter:
  2 = Break Crossing Objects
 32 = Dissolve Pseudo Nodes
256 = Zero Length Objects
CONVERT With the Extend Undershoots cleanup action (clean group type4) only, whether to break the target object (insert a new node) where the extended undershoot intersects it (integer).
1 = Break target (default)
0 = Do not break target
For any action other than 4, Extend Undershoots, CONVERT does not matter.