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Attaches data to an object.

(ade_odaddrecord ename table)

Returns T or nil.

ename AutoCAD object name.
table Table name (string) can be up to 25 characters long. Must be unique, contain no spaces, and start with an alphanumeric character

Attaching data to an object is also called attaching a table to an object. This function attaches a new record in a specific table to a specific object. Typically, a record contains information about whatever it is that the object represents. For example, if a line in a drawing represents a section of pipe in a water system, an attached record could contain information about that section.

When a new record is attached, its fields contain default values that correspond to their field definitions. To get a field value, use ade_odgetfield; to change it, use ade_odsetfield. Field definitions are included in the table definition. See ade_oddefinetab for information about table definitions.

You can attach more than one record to the same object with additional calls to ade_odaddrecord. The additional records can be members of the same or different tables. If an object has only one record from a given table, the number of that record is 0. If you attach a second record from the same table, the number of that record is 1, and so on. Use ade_odrecordqty to find how many records of a given table are attached.

For example, if a section of water pipe is inspected at intervals, you could attach a number of records of the WATER INSPECTION table to the same line in the WATER drawing, and each record could contain the result of a different inspection.