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This function allows user do a pre-allocation or allocation in theatre. If it is a pre-allocation, Reference number and theatre are mandatory fields.

If it is a allocation in theatre, MRN, patient name, procedure date and theatre are mandatory fields.


If using preference card for the procedure, scan in surgeon and procedure code. Store items will be automatically add to the patient.




* Mandatory fields are highlighted in yellow.



Select if do a pre-allocation.

Allocate in Theatre

Select if do a allocation in theatre.

MRN / Patient ID

Patient medical record number

Show Patient History

Click to show patient procedure history.

Patient Name

Patient Name

Date of Birth

Patient date of birth


Patient resident address

Patient Type

Select patient type from public patient or private patient or unknown patient.

Visit #

An id to be given to patient for every time when they visiting.

Case #

Case number


Surgeon details

Procedure Code

Procedure details

Date of Procedure

Procedure date


Select if it is an emergency patient.


Select if it is an elective patient.


Theatre details. To set a theatre, please go to MaQS Admin.

General Notes


Approval Notes


Provide audit trail for every single change.



Select Allocation Complete to save allocation records.

Select View/Edit to view or edit records.

Select Procedure Surgeon List to view all surgeons that assigned to the procedure.

Select Close to close the form.