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CNiAxis3D encapsulates the interface to a single axis of a 3D graph control, which allows you to modify its appearance and behavior.

Individual axes are obtained via the Axes property on a CNiGraph3D object.

Note: To specify a date/time value, you must convert your date or time value to a double. A date is implemented as a floating-point value with the integer part of the number measuring days from midnight, 30 December 1899, and the fractional part representing the time of day. The absolute value of the fractional part of the number represents the time as a fraction of a day. Thus, 1 second equals 1 / 24 hours / 60 minutes, which is 1/86400 or approximately 1.157407e-5. So, midnight, 31 December 1899, is represented by 1.0. Similarly, 6 AM, 1 January 1900, is represented by 2.25, and midnight, 29 December 1899, is -1.0. However, 6 AM, 29 December 1899, is -1.25.

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Public data bool AutoScale Determines if the system automatically sets the minimum and maximum limits of the axis.
Public data CString Caption Specifies the text to draw on the axis.
Public data CNiColor CaptionColor Specifies the color used to draw the caption.
Public data CNiFont CaptionFont Specifies the font of the axis caption.
Public data bool CaptionNormal Draws the axis caption at the normal position when set to true.
Public data bool CaptionOpposite Draws the axis caption at the opposite position when set to true.
Public data CString FormatString Specifies the format string for formatting the labels on this axis.
Public data bool Inverted Specifies if the direction of an axis is inverted.
Public data CNiLabels3D Labels Returns a CNiLabel object, which specifies how labels appear on the axis.
Public data bool Log Specifies if the axis has a Log10 scale.
Public data double Maximum Specifies the maximum value of the axis.
Public data double Minimum Specifies the minimum value of the axis.
Public data CString Name Specifies the name of the axis.
Public data CNiTicks3D Ticks Returns a CNiTicks object, which specifies how divisions and ticks appear on this axis.
Public data CNiValuePairs ValuePairs Gets a collection of ValuePair objects associated with the control.
Public data bool Visible Specifies if the axis is visible or hidden.

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Public constructor


Default constructor.
Public constructor

CNiAxis3D( CWAxis3D_CI* pCustom, CNiInterface::ThreadAccess option )

Constructor that attaches to the specified CWAxis3D_CI pointer.
Public constructor

CNiAxis3D( const CNiAxis3D& source )

Copy constructor.

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Public destructor



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Public function void


Causes the axis to rescale immediately.
Public function static const IID &


Returns the globally unique identifier (GUID) of the ActiveX interface to which this class connects.
Public function const CNiAxis3D &

operator =( const CNiAxis3D& source )

Assignment operator.
Public function void

SetMinMax( double Minimum, double Maximum )

Sets both the minimum and the maximum values of the axis at the same time.

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    // Set the caption and visibility of the z axis.
    CNiGraph3D graph;
    CNiAxis3D zAxis = graph.Axes.Item("ZAxis");
    zAxis.Caption = "Temperature";
    zAxis.Visible = true;