Graphical Administration Enhancements

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Graphical Administration Enhancements

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 introduces these graphical administration improvements and new features:

Log Shipping

Log shipping allows the transaction logs from a source database to be continually backed up and loaded into a target database on another server. This is useful for maintaining a warm standby server, or for offloading query processing from the source server to a read-only destination server. For more information, see Log Shipping.

SQL Profiler Enhancements

SQL Profiler now supports size-based and time-based traces, and includes new events for Data File Auto Grow, Data File Auto Shrink, Log File Auto Grow, Log File Auto Shrink, Show Plan All, Show Plan Statistics, and Show Plan Text.

SQL Profiler has been enhanced to provide auditing of SQL Server activities, up to the auditing levels required by the C2 level of security defined by the United States government. For more information, see Auditing SQL Server Activity and Monitoring with SQL Profiler.

SQL Query Analyzer Enhancements

SQL Query Analyzer now includes Object Browser, which allows you to navigate through and get information (such as parameters and dependencies) about database objects, including user and system tables, views, stored procedures, extended stored procedures, and functions. The Object Browser also supports generating scripts to either execute or create objects. Other enhancements include server tracing and client statistics that show information about the server-side and client-side impact of a given query.

SQL Query Analyzer includes a stored procedure debugger. SQL Query Analyzer also includes templates that can be used as the starting points for creating objects such as databases, tables, views, and stored procedures. For more information, see SQL Query Analyzer and Overview of SQL Query Analyzer.

Copy Database Wizard

Users can run the Copy Database Wizard to upgrade SQL Server version 7.0 databases to SQL Server 2000 databases. It can also be used to copy complete databases between instances of SQL Server 2000. For more information, see Copying Databases to Other Servers and Upgrading Databases from SQL Server 7.0 (Copy Database Wizard).