Documentation Enhancements

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What's New

Documentation Enhancements

These enhancements and new features have been made to the documentation for Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000:

F1 Help Integrated With SQL Server Books Online

The F1 Help for SQL Server 2000 has been integrated with SQL Server Books Online. When you select F1 Help, a related topic in SQL Server Books Online is displayed.

SQL Server Books Online Supports Subsets

SQL Server Books Online allows you to define subsets of the entire SQL Server Books Online against which to perform a search. You can define your own subsets; however, a set of default subsets is also provided. The subsets are targeted at specific audiences, and each subset covers multiple topics. Subsets make it easier to search for information related to your activities by minimizing the number of search hits.

Thumbnail Art

Some diagrams in SQL Server Books Online now appear as thumbnail diagrams. The full diagram can be viewed by clicking Enlarge diagram. The full diagram appears when the topic is printed.

Glossary Improvements

Glossary terms appear as colored, underlined text. When clicked, a pop-up window appears with the term definition.

Easier to Access Related Topics

Many topics have a list of related topics, called See Also, at the end. SQL Server Books Online adds a See Also icon that displays the list of related topics when you click it.