SQL Server Network Configuration

Network Configuration Help


Use this dialog box to view or specify how the server handles multiple network connections.


Minimum connections expected

Specify the minimum number of expected server connections. The default value is 1.

Maximum connections expected

Specify the maximum number of expected server connections. After this number is exceeded, additional connections are refused. The default value is 1024.

RPC protocols

Specify the values for each supported multiprotocol.

Enable encryption

Enable protocol encryption. Encryption is a method for keeping sensitive information confidential by changing data into an unreadable form. Encryption ensures that data remains secure by keeping the information hidden from all users, even if they view the encrypted data directly.

If you want to use encryption with a failover cluster, you must install the server certificate with the fully qualified DNS name of the virtual server on all nodes in the failover cluster. For example, if you have a two-node cluster, with nodes named and and a virtual SQL Server "Virtsql", you need to get a certificate for "" and install the certificate on both nodes. You can then check the Force protocol encryption check box on the Server Network Utility to configure your failover cluster for encryption.

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