3 1 Project Manager Quick Reference List


3.1 Project Manager Quick Reference List

Following is a list of commonly referenced project manager materials:

Manager Topic


The installation global guide provides details for installing any of the LANSA products on the IBM i , Windows and Linux platforms. You will be able to locate requirements and planning information to assist in your install.

Ø Installing LANSA Guide

This guide will help you to understand some of the design issues when preparing for LANSA application development. It may provide you with some valuable design insights prior to beginning your first project.

Ø Application Design Guide

This guide will help you understand issues relating to multilingual development projects. It explains basic architecture concepts for multilingual applications and is useful for understanding the impacts of using multiple languages.

Ø Multilingual Application Design Guide

This guide is a very good starting point for new LANSA IBM i users. It is an excellent introduction to using the LANSA for iSeries development environment.

Ø Introduction to LANSA for iSeries Guide

You should use this guide primarily as a reference for LANSA development techniques and to lookup specific topics.

Ø Visual LANSA Developer Guide

This guide provides important concepts for managing the LANSA application environment. It will help you to understand how development can be controlled.

Ø Visual LANSA Administrator Guide

This guide provides some helpful working samples and examples of how LANSA products may be used. You may find valuable design ideas and development approaches in this guide.

Ø SET Guide

This directory lists all LANSA tutorials by product and will help you understand training requirements.

Ø Tutorial Directory



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