1 1 Administrators Quick Reference List


1.1 Administrators Quick Reference List

Following is a list of commonly referenced administration material:

Topic Visual LANSA LANSA for iSeries

LANSA System Settings

System Definitions

Review System Settings

System Data Areas

Partition Settings


Creating or Changing Partition Definitions

Visual LANSA Environment Settings

Environment Settings

Housekeeping and Environment Settings

User Security Settings

User and Security Maintenance

User Access to the LANSA System

Change Management

Change Management

Task Tracking

About LANSA Software Details

Gathering Information About LANSA

Refer to the ABOUT parameter in the LANSA Parameters.

Full RDMLX Partitions

RDML and RDMLX Partition Concepts

If you Enable a Partition for Full RDMLX

Export and Export

Export and Import

Exporting and Importing


LANSA Windows License

LANSA for IBM i License



Other Useful Guides for Administrators:

Introduction to LANSA iSeries Concepts

Ø Introduction to LANSA for iSeries Guide

Open System Utilities for LANSA for iSeries

Ø LANSA Open System Utilities Guide

LANSA Application Deployment Tool

Ø LANSA Application Deployment Tool

Deploying Visual LANSA Application On Linux Guide

Ø Deploying Visual LANSA Application On Linux Guide



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