Virtual Directory Properties Dialog Box (Security Tab)

IIS Virtual Directory Management Utility

IIS Virtual Directory Management Utility

Virtual Directory Properties Dialog Box (Security Tab)

Use this tab to specify a login authentication method. The options on this tab map to the three Microsoft® Internet Information Server (IIS) authentication schemes.


Always log on as

The Windows and SQL Server account types map to the anonymous access scheme of the IIS authentication security. With anonymous access, anyone can access the virtual directory. Everyone who accesses the server is logged on using the credentials specified in User Name and Password.

User Name
Specify a user name for the login. If SQL Server account type is selected, the account name specified must be a valid Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 login. If Windows account type is selected, the supplied Microsoft Windows® login is used for all users.
Specify the password for the SQL Server or Windows login that is selected.
SQL Server
Select to specify that a SQL Server login name and password be used to access a server. When a SQL Server login is specified, all users of this virtual directory will use that account.
Select to specify a Windows account for all users of the virtual directory. By default, IUSR_ServerName (the Internet Guest Account) is used to access the server. IUSR_ServerName is the user that is created when IIS is installed. By default, Enable Windows account synchronization is selected.

Use Windows Integrated Authentication

Select to authenticate using Windows logins.

This option maps to the Microsoft Windows NT® challenge/response (Windows NT 4.0) or Windows Integrated Authentication (Microsoft Windows 2000) IIS authentication method. Users with a valid Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 user account are authenticated and allowed access to the virtual directory. Windows Integrated Authentication requires that the Windows user accounts be granted access to SQL Server.

Use Basic Authentication (Clear Text) to SQL Server account

Select to authenticate by prompting for a SQL Server login and password.

This option differs from the Basic Authentication method of IIS Authentication security. By selecting this option, a user is prompted for a SQL Server login and password. In this authentication option, anonymous authentication is enabled in IIS. The login supplied by the user must be a valid SQL Server login. Therefore, when you attempt to access the database, the ISAPI first tries the anonymous access; and if this fails, an error message is sent to the browser. The browser then shows a dialog box requesting a user name and password for SQL Server.