Specify Backup Disk Directory

Database Maintenance Plan

Database Maintenance Plan Wizard Help

Specify Backup Disk Directory

Use the Specify Backup Disk Directory screen to view or specify the following options.


Use the default backup directory

Back up the database to the default backup disk directory located on the computer that contains this database. This is the \MSSQL\BACKUP directory for default instances of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000, and the \MSSQL$instancename\BACKUP directory for named instances of SQL Server 2000.

Use this directory

Back up the database to the specified disk directory. Only disks located on the same computer as the database can be used. Click the browse (...) button to change the default directory used to back up the database. Only drives on the computer containing the SQL Server database being backed up can be selected.

Create a subdirectory for each database

Create a subdirectory under the specified disk directory containing the database backup for each database that is being backed up as part of the maintenance plan.

Remove files older than

Delete database backups automatically that are older than the specified period. A history of database backups should be maintained in the event that the database must be restored to a point in time earlier than the last performed backup. Retain as many backups as disk space allows and as far in the past as necessary.

Backup file extension

Define the file extension used for each file that contains the database backup. The default file extension is .bak.

Note  Disk backup file names are generated automatically (for example, pubs_tlog_199803120203.bak where 199803120203 is the timestamp).