Supported ASP objects/methods/properties

Baby Web Server

Baby ASP Web Server supports the following objects/methods/properties:
Request Object
Request.ClientCertificate: NO
Request.Cookies: YES
Request.Form: YES
Request.QueryString: YES
Request.ServerVariables: YES

Request.TotalBytes: YES
Request.BinaryRead: YES

Response Object
Response.Cookies: YES

Response.Buffer: YES
Response.CacheControl: YES
Response.Charset: NO
Response.CodePage: NO
Response.ContentType: YES
Response.Expires: YES
Response.ExpiresAbsolute: YES
Response.IsClientConnected: YES
Response.Status: YES

Response.AddHeader: YES
Response.AppendToLog: YES
Response.BinaryWrite: YES
Response.Clear: YES
Response.End: YES
Response.Flush: YES
Response.Redirect: YES
Response.Write: YES

Session Object
Session.Contents: YES
Session.StaticObjects: NO

Session.CodePage: NO
Session.LCID: NO
Session.SessionID: YES
Session.Timeout: YES

Session.Abandon: YES
Session.Contents.Remove: YES
Session.Contents.RemoveAll: YES

Session_OnEnd: YES
Session_OnStart: YES

Application Object (this objects is only available in Quick 'n Easy Web Server Professional)
Application.StaticObjects: NO

Application.Contents.Remove: NO
Application.Contents.RemoveAll: NO
Application.Lock: NO
Application.Unlock: NO

Application_OnEnd: NO
Application_OnStart: NO

Server Object
ScriptTimeout: YES

CreateObject: YES
Execute: YES
GetLastError: NO
MapPath: YES
Transfer: NO
URLEncode: YES

Application_OnEnd: YES
Application_OnStart: YES
Session_OnEnd: YES
Session_OnStart: YES
<OBJECT> Declarations: NO
TypeLibrary Declarations: NO

Known limitations:

  1. Although the IVariantDictionary is implemented, it doesn’t fully support VT_DISPATCH variables returned by ADO recordsets at the moment. (disconnected recordsets?)

    a ADO recordset returns values as VT_DISPATCH, this value cannot directly be stored
    into our session/application object:
    Session("MyValue") = rsQuery("SOMEFIELD")

    should be:
    Dim tmpValue
    tmpValue = rsQuery("SOMEFIELD")
    Session("MyValue") = tmpValue

If you find any classic ASP code that will not run, please let me know!