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play_control_t Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

char * file_name
char * headers
int video_index
int audio_index
int sub_index
float t_pos
int read_max_cnt
int avsync_threshold
union {
   struct {
      unsigned int   loop_mode:1
      unsigned int   nosound:1
      unsigned int   novideo:1
      unsigned int   hassub:1
      unsigned int   need_start:1
      unsigned int   displast_frame: 1
   int   mode
callback_t callback_fn
callback_t subdata_fn
void * subhd
int subdatasource
int byteiobufsize
int loopbufsize
int enable_rw_on_pause
int auto_buffing_enable
float buffing_min
float buffing_middle
float buffing_max
int is_playlist
int is_type_parser
int is_livemode
int buffing_starttime_s
int buffing_force_delay_s
int lowbuffermode_flag
int lowbuffermode_limited_ms
int is_ts_soft_demux
int reserved [56]
int SessionID
int t_duration_ms

Detailed Description

Definition at line 273 of file player_type.h.

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