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  1. Is there any demo example that I can view before I phurchase?
    Yes, please go to Demo page and view example demos. You can also upload your PDF and view your own online digital magazine. Then you can view your publication online freely.
  2. Where is the file stored, if I want to publish the magazine online?
    The converted files are stored on your local machine and if you want to publish it, you need to copy all the files online and send others the HTML link to view the publication. You can attach a link or put in the url as a link in the email then send to thers. It is just you convert the PDF into flash, put these files online and then send others the html link.
  3. Once purchased do I have any ongoing costs, subscription fees or conversion costs, or once purchased I can make as many flash mags as I want?
    Once you purchased the converter, there will be no additional fees (no subscription fees and no additional conversion costs) and your license will not be expired. You can create as much online magazines as you want. For upgrading, you have one year free-updating period to update your converter to the latest version. However you do not have to purchase another one-year of updating if you do not want to update as your license code will not be expired.
  4. Can I purchase axmag converter using my Credit Card?
    Our products can be purchased from our authorized vendors RegNow. We accept Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Eurocard, etc), Paypal, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check/Money and Phone/Fax Order. You can view price of the converter or contact us for any phurchasing issue.
  5. Can I purchase conversion for just one PDF without purchasing PDF to Flash converter?
    Yes, if you need to convert single PDF to flash without trial markups and without getting the licensed copy of PDF to Flash Converter, please click the buy now link for conversion service of PDF to Flash. We will send you the converted files and let you publish your masterpieces online without trial markups, trial hyperlinks or other restrictions. Please firstly try to upload your PDF and view your publications online to make sure the conversion quality then purchase the conversion service.
  6. Is there any ActiveX Controls that I can use to construct my own online conversion?
    Yes, we provide Server License for users to construct their online conversion, please note the ActiveX Control cannot be used to create EXE version for sale. If you are interested in the ActiveX Control, please contact us.
  7. What are the differences between the Internal-use License and the Cooperate-use License for the ActiveX Control?
    Internal-use License: for company users to upload PDF and to create Flash files in the company.
    Cooperate-use License: for companies' conversion services for their clients.
    The publish of flash files is unlimited. Please note that the ActiveX Control cannot be used to create EXE version for sale. For any other questions please contact us.