Wizard's Castle


In combat, you have various options during each round:

  • Attack

You swing at him, he swings at you.  It doesn't get more basic than this!!

  • Cast Spells

You attempt to cast a spell at the monster.  See the section on Spells and Spellcasting for details.

  • Retreat

Although the retreat itself will always succeed, the monster gets one parting shot at your fleeing back.  The laughter and taunts of the monster rings in your ears for some time afterwards.  Also, since your departure is somewhat on the panicked side, you don't exactly choose your direction - which leaves the disconcerting possibility that you may flee directly into the arms of another creature...  Oh well, we all gotta die sometime.

  • Bribe

If you have any treasures in your possession, you may offer one to the monster, hoping that the glow of the gem will distract it from your presence long enough for you to get away.  The monster chooses a random gem from your treasures, then lets you go on your way. 

As the game is currently designed, there is no way to get a treasure back from a monster once it has claimed it.  That would be a good thing to change in later versions.  For now, lost is lost.

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